tee black   live laugh loveIt has been said that laughter is great medicine. So when life gives you a reason to laugh let it flow! There is beauty in your smile. 


Welcome Friend,

I’m sure by now you realize life is a journey. On this journey we evolve into someone new everyday due to our life experiences. Some of us embrace who we become and others fight it for fear of what others will think. Today I want you to take a look in the mirror. Are you happy with the person you see? Are you living life at your full capacity or have you suppressed who you are for the satisfaction of others?

My purpose for this blog is to be transparent with my own experiences and hope that through my life I can encourage and empower someone else to simply “Be You”. Stop hiding. The world will always view you through it’s own lenses. How you view yourself is what matters.

Walk with me, MsTeeque, as I share insight and reflections on my quest to earthly love and the fullness of me. I have not arrived but I’m on my way. I have allowed the creator to encompass me with love so that I in turn can encompass others.

Let us now make this quest together, Friend.



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